I'm starting a new exercise where I'll feature a piece of art and show you how I'd create an event inspired by it.

Kirsten Sims is an illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa with the most fun paintings. She creates these inviting scenes with deep colors to dive into and characters to party with. I'm dreaming up a whimsical dinner on the glowing porch of this lake home...


Let's drag out all the chairs we can find inside the house, and have the kids cull flower arrangements from the yard. Wrap up in a soft beach blanket as the night gets chilly. Partner this laid back scene with our favorite china and generous glassware to celebrate the meal and the night with friends. Disassemble the bouquet that was a host gift and hand out blooms for hair ornaments. Place cards get secretly shuffled around and by the end of dinner are being repurposed as props for a game of Blind Man's Bluff. Candles twinkle away into a soft-hued memory.