Wedding Services Overview

 After planning events for 7 years, we know: one of the most challenging aspects of event planning is budget management. We believe that transparency is the gift of time and peace of mind. Below are our set prices for our wedding production services. Choose your package, reserve your day with us, and we'll partner up!

Full Service Wedding Production: $4,000

Our dream service - we provide everything from ceremony and reception design, creative direction, logistical management, prop building, decor sourcing (and custom creating), vendor curation, destination scouting, invitation posting, and photo shoot direction. Our clients only attend the meetings they wish (hello, cake tasting!), and don't need to lift a finger otherwise. 

Day-of Wedding Coordination: $2,000

Our practical service - We are the builders and the client is the architect. This client has planned their wedding and needs a professional to create a timeline, close loops with vendors, and provide complete, immaculate direction for the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.